Fall 1999

Founding of Life Leadership Training Center

In August 1999, President Kelly’s vision to launch a Bible college became a reality. With a starting class of six students who knew that God wanted to develop them into more effective Christian leaders, WLC, known then as Life Leadership Training Center, began as a practical training program, under the leadership of the pastors of Virginia Beach Christian Life Center (later named Wave Church).

Fall 2006

LLTC changed to Wave Leadership College

In the summer of 2006, the senior pastor (President Kelly) and elders of Virginia Beach Christian Life Center felt led to rename the church with a name that reflected a broader calling and accurately reflected the powerful move of God that was happening. Thus, the name “Wave Church” was chosen, and by extension, the Life Leadership Training Center’s name was changed to “Wave Leadership College”.


Wave Leadership College ABHE applicant, independent 501(c)(3) institution of higher education.

As early as late 2008, the senior pastor and the elders of Wave Church believed that Wave Leadership College, while doing a great work, could do more to fully prepare its students. A task force of pastors and educators was assigned with the responsibility of exploring options for accreditation. Based on the recommendation of that task force, the decision was made to pursue ABHE Accreditation. In February 2009, Wave Leadership College became an ABHE Applicant, and continued the work of incorporation and filing for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS. In November 2010, Wave Leadership College became approved as a 501(c)(3) organization.

Fall 2012

General Education Courses Added

As Wave Leadership College continued its progress toward Accreditation, it began to incorporate General Education courses, taught by qualified faculty, with a minimum of a Master’s degree in his or her field of instruction. By the incoming class of 2014, Wave Leadership College’s curriculum was balanced with the necessary courses to achieve an Associate degree. These courses include English Composition, Introduction to Psychology, Math for the Liberal Arts, EarthScience, and Life Skills, to name a few.

Spring 2014

ABHE Candidate Status Approval

In February 2014, Wave Leadership College achieved a major milestone. The ABHE Commission on Accreditation granted WLC Candidate status. A pre-accreditation designation, Candidate status allows colleges to pursue Title IV certification, SEVIS approval for international students, and opens opportunities for greater transferability of credits to colleges and universities.

Spring 2015

Title IV Certification Granted by US Department of Education

During the Spring 2015 semester, Wave Leadership College was granted provisional Title IV certification from the US Department of Education. Title IV certification provides access for WLC students to Federal Financial Aid. In the four semesters since receiving Title IV certification, WLC has had approximately 30% of its students receive tuition assistance via the Pell Grant program. Title IV Certification allows WLC students to maximize the benefits granted by right as a United States citizen as a full Pell Grant recipient’s aid will almost completely cover the cost of one year’s tuition as a full-time student at WLC.

Spring 2018

Wave Leadership College Achieves Institutional Accreditation!

After a rigorous overview of our program and staff by an Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) site visit evaluation team, Wave Leadership college was granted institutional accreditation with all rights, privileges and honors appertaining, on February 21, 2018. In addition, Wave Leadership College received a commendation for excellence in its exceptional ministry formation program, Leadership Experience & Practicum (LEAP).


Wave Leadership College

is a thriving institution of biblical higher learning, offering an accredited Associate of Ministry Degree with concentrations in Pastoral Leadership, Worship Leadership, Christian Scholarship, Professional Leadership, Media & Arts, and Community Care & Counsel. Courses are offered face to face, with instructors and peers, on our campus, in small class sizes. Students enjoy an experience-rich, academically-adept environment, where mentorship is the method to equip Christian leaders for life and leadership.