Steve & Sharon Kelly

Pastors of Wave Church, Steve and Sharon came to Virginia Beach in 1999 to build a church of influence with a passion to help people live life well. Before their arrival in Virginia Beach, Steve Kelly served as Executive Director for the largest ministry college in the world, Hillsong College. As a world renowned apostolic preacher and leader, with a heart to pastor and influence future leaders, Pastor Steve founded Wave College with the intent to truly equip students for life and leadership.

Aligning with the DNA of Wave Church, we believe that ministry and community service through the work of a local church, is the best way to build successful, responsible citizens and community leaders. Our confirmation of this methodology is demonstrated by our uncommonly high retention and graduation rates.  Through the HomeLink program, our students are encouraged to catch the vision and excellence of Wave Church and bring value from what they are learning, as a servant leader, into their local church.

Wave Church Leadership DNA

Wave Church is a multi-site non-denomination Christian church. Their passion is to be a relevant, life-giving church that reaches the lost for Jesus Christ and helps the community, nation and the world by showing God’s love. Wave Church is a growing church in love with God, life and people, changing the world, one life at a time, with a commitment to demonstrating:

Extra Mile Mentality
Biblical relationship with Jesus
Refreshment to others
High yield, low maintenance

Wave Conference

Wave Conference is an annual Christian leadership conference hosted by Wave Church. Each year, churches from across the globe come together for amazing praise and worship as well as to hear inspiring messages from incredible pastors and Christian speakers. The sole purpose of Wave Conference is to empower pastors, leaders, business people and families through practical teachings that enable them to advance the Kingdom of God.

Devoted Conference

Devoted Conference is a gathering of women of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. Founded by and hosted by Pastor Sharon Kelly, Devoted exists to inspire women to realize their value, potential and to see themselves as God sees them – beautiful in every way! This unique two day – three night experience is filled with amazing music, inspiring teaching, fun, friendship and lots of laughter.