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The best and easiest Bible program on the web is This site has a friendly collection of full-text Bible study tools, Jamieson Fausset& Brown’s commentary, Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary, Greek and Hebrew lexicons, concordances, several Bible versions and more.

For parallel study, use The Unbound Bible sponsored by Biola University. Versions include the New American Standard and New Revised Standard Bible, among others.

Use Resource Pages for Biblical Studies for New Testament and Old Testament academic background information. You can find Apocryphal works, an online TLG demo site, and the Greek New Testament as well as other great resources on this site. Also, try Ralph W. Klein’s Old Testament and Ancient Near East page and that of Dr. Mark Goodacre, New Testament Gateway.

For a more comprehensive approach, try the All-in-One Biblical Resources site. It has links to just about everything. Some volumes of the IVP New Testament Commentary series are available through Type in a New Testament passage in the Lookup Passage box, such as John 1:1, and “Read the Commentary” is a search result option.

Take a look at for free Bible software to download.

Finally, consult the Tyndale House “Links for Biblical Studies” for a great list of translations and original texts and other Biblical research resources.

Additional Resources

Annotated list compiled by Librarian Bob Sivigny

All-in-One Biblical Resources Search – So many Bible search engines all on one page, by Dr. Mark Goodacre, University of Birmingham.

Ancient Hebrew Research Center – Offers free Hebrew language lessons and articles of interest to Hebraic studies, archaeology, culture, and research. Written and maintained by Jeff A. Benner.

Audio-Bible – KJV narrated by Alexander Scourby.

Bible Sites/Bible Foundation – Hundreds of links to Bible resources; free downloads! – Has teaching helps, a sermon illustration database and the international standard Bible encyclopedia, full-text [1939 ed.].

Biblical Studies on the Web – A scholarly selection of Biblical theology resources, e-journals, and Biblical studies links. – NIV, NASB, KJV, RSV concordance searching and text retrieval, and some volumes of the IVP New Testament Commentary series are available.

Blue Letter Bible – KJV text and word retrieval, interlinear Hebrew and Greek, Chuck Smith Commentaries.

Codex Sinaiticus – Offers the entire manuscript in digital form, with English translation when available.

Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon – Searchable now in database form, to be published in the future by Johns Hopkins University Press. Edited by Prof. Stephen A. Kaufman of HUC and Prof. Joseph A. Fitzmyer of Catholic University of America (emeritus), with Prof. Michael Sokoloff of Bar Ilan University as associate editor. Covers all dialects and periods of Ancient Aramaic. Bible Study Tools – The best Bible program on the web. Has Bible version searching, Matthew Henry, Strongs Concordance, Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary, Nave’s Topical Bible, Greek & Hebrew Lexicons….excellent! – Download Bible software including the King James Version, American Standard Version, Contemporary English Version, and International Standard Version, free.

Enter the – Background, introduction, and theological themes for each book of the Bible, by faculty at Luther Theological Seminary; free.

GreekBible – Search by passage or keyword. The text is NovumTestamentumGraece, Nestle-Aland 26th ed., Bible Societies’ 3rd ed.

Greek New Testament – This is a browsable, web-based interface to the Greek New Testament (GNT).

iTanakh – Resources for academic study and teaching of the Hebrew Bible.

Jewish History Resource Center — An impressive collection of Biblical and ancient history maps and atlases. Excellent.

Logos/Libronix Bible Software – Purchase and download Bible commentaries, dictionaries, and other study resources.

New Testament Gateway/Mark Goodacre – Textual criticism, Judaica, early church studies, societies….Excellent

Old Testament and Ancient Near East, by Ralph W. Klein – Lots of great links, worth checking out.

Online Critical Pseudepigrapha – Online, free access to critical texts of the pseudepigrapha, up-to-date and academically rigorous.

Pictorial Library of Bible Lands – 4,500 high-resolution pictures of Bible places. Recommended!

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies – Textual criticism, linguistics, Graeco-Roman world, aspects of the Mediterranean world, Philo of Alexandria…. — A winner site by Torrey Seland.

Society of Biblical Literature Web Resources – Resources for the professional and amateur Biblical scholar.

TC : A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism – Dedicated to the study of the Jewish and Christian Biblical texts, including extracanonical and related literature.

Tyndale House Doorway to Biblical Studies – Explore an extensive selection of tools for Biblical research.

The Unbound Bible – Featuring parallel comparison, sponsored by Biola University.

World-Wide Study Bible — Commentary and sermons on every chapter of the Bible; links to the Ray C. Stedman Reference Library.

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