Associate of Ministry

Wave Leadership College offers an Associate of Ministry degree, requiring 62 credit hours. This program is designed for students who desire a strong foundation in Biblical studies and general education from a Christian worldview from which they can pursue advanced studies or begin a ministry or leadership career. Students take foundational courses in Bible, theology, and general studies, and select a professional development concentration.

Once the Associate Degree is complete, under our guaranteed acceptance criteria, students transfer into our bachelor’s program through Southeastern University to complete their bachelor’s degree in Ministerial Leadership, Mass Communications, Psychology, Business Administration, or Media, while staying on our campus.

Biblical & Theological Studies (21 Credits)
  • BIBL103 Old Testament Survey
  • BIBL104 New Testament Survey
  • THEO102 The Work of the Holy Spirit
  • THEO101 Hermeneutics
  • THEO202 Worldview & Apologetics
  • PHIL203 Faith & Culture
  • MINS203 Intro to Church History
General Education (25 Credits)
  • ENGL101 English Composition I
  • ENGL102 English Composition II
  • LDRS101 Principles of Self-Leadership
  • GEOL101 Principles of Earth Science
  • GOVT108 American Government
  • COMM101 Public Speaking
  • PSYC101 Principles of Psychology
  • SSCI203 Race in America
Professional Development Electives (12 Credits)

Pastoral Leadership

  • MINS201 Pastoral Ministry
  • MINS202 Homiletics
  • MINS204 Church Growth & Discipleship
  • THEO201 Systematic Theology

Professional Leadership

  • MGMT201 Principles of Management
  • MGMT202 Leadership & Organizations
  • MGMT203 Nonprofit Organizations
  • MGMT204 Marketing Principles

Media & Arts

  • MEDA201 Intro to Digital Media
  • MEDA203 Advanced Media Production
  • MEDA204 Media Practicum
  • MINS 205 Creative Ministry

Worship Leadership

  • WRSP201 Foundations of Christian Worship
  • WRSP202 Songwriting
  • MINS205 Creative Ministry
  • WRSP203 Music Directing

Christian Scholarship

  • BIBL201 Pentateuch
  • BIBL202 Isaiah
  • BIBL203 Luke-Acts
  • BIBL204 Pauline Literature

Community Care & Counsel

  • PSYC201 Introduction to Counseling
  • MGMT203 Nonprofit Organizations
  • MINS203 Marriage & Family
  • SSCI201 Human Diversity & Christian Community

Interdisciplinary Studies - any four classes of your choice

LEAP: Leadership Experience and Practicum (4 Credits)

All students earn college credit while gaining practical leadership experience in their track through LEAP courses. Each LEAP practicum semester is worth 1 credit.

  • PRAC101 LEAP I

Culminating Experience Requirement
Student Portfolio – Must be completed for degree completion.

With HomeLink, students communicate with their local church leadership on a regular basis to stay planted and keep growing.

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Bachelor's Program

With SEU at Wave Leadership College, you can transfer your associate degree in to finish your bachelor’s degree through SACS-Accredited Southeastern University, at a very affordable cost, while remaining on the Wave Leadership College campus with our great faculty, staff, and student life.