SSCI 201 - Human Diversity & Christian Community (3)

Students are introduced to current and historical issues in human diversity and challenged to respond to them creatively and empathetically as 21st century Christians. Diversity topics include but not limited to the concepts of ethnic and cultural differences, sexual orientation, gender equality, generational differences, socioeconomic disparities and advantages, and political beliefs.

MGMT 203 - Nonprofit Organizations (3)

This introductory course in nonprofit administration provides students with basic knowledge and resources for managing a nonprofit organization, including the legal requirements affecting nonprofits, the governance models used most effectively, and fundraising and volunteer strategies upon which nonprofits depend.

SSCI 202 - Marriage and Family (3)

This course will provide students with an overview of the sociological perspective on the institution of family. Students will study major aspects of singlehood, courtship, marriage, and family formation. Topics include dating rituals, gender differences, expectations, parenting, family dysfunction, family violence, and strategies for sound relating. Emphasis will be placed on examining the diversity of relationships and family structures as well as how our family experiences are shaped by gender, race/ethnicity, and class. The role of family counselors and therapists is also discussed.

PSYC 201 - Introduction to Counseling (3)

This course provides a general overview of counseling theories, an introduction to counseling techniques & the conditions that facilitate an effective counseling relationship. Students will be introduced to understanding oneself and the impact that it has in counseling. Students will also learn the importance of self-care that will be necessary for not only the counseling profession, but for other professional career paths as well.

Dave Hummel

Dave Hummel, Creative Director and Composer/Producer, has been on team at Wave Church since 2007. He has over 30 years experience in the music production world, writing music for television and video games, as well as working as a writer/producer for Sony/ATV in Los Angeles, and audio engineering for major labels. At Wave Church, Professor Hummel oversees Live Production, Video Production, and Marketing as well as the Worship and Creative Arts Department. At Wave Leadership College, he oversees the Media & Arts electives.

Amber's Story

“The instructors have time to give to be able to work with you one on one if you need it. They are very approachable and helpful which really fosters that environment where you don’t feel afraid to ask a question or intimidated by what you don’t know instead you feel encouraged to step out and try new things. Even after a year on the production track my mindset has changed”