MIN 202 - Leadership & Organization

This course provides an overview of some of the primary models at work in organizations today, with particular emphasis given to the Christian Leader Model and the Servant Leadership Model. Discussion is focused on the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of approaches, and students are encouraged to develop a personal leadership style.

ADM 202 - Principles of Management

This is practical course is designed to teach students the corporate and administrative skills necessary to run a church or business. Topics such as time management, multi-tasking, interdepartmental communication, departmental reporting, budget creation and analysis, database management, and marketing will be covered.

ADM 202 - Non-Profit Organization

This introductory course in nonprofit administration provides students with basic knowledge and resources for managing a nonprofit organization, including the legal requirements affecting nonprofits, the governance models used most effectively, and fundraising and volunteer strategies upon which nonprofits depend.

ADM 203 - Marketing Principles

This is a study of the theory, practice, and ethics of marketing a business or nonprofit organization. Basic principles of persuasion through text and images, market research and analysis, and the use of various tools of communication used for marketing messages will be discussed.

Catherine Warren

Dr. Catherine Warren has a passion to help others identify their potential and then discover their path to reach their goals. She has over 20 years leadership experience as an officer in the US Navy where she has led in the areas of public speaking, human resource, training, financial management, logistics, emergency management, and career development. Dr. Warren teaches WLC students in the areas of leadership and life skills, while also serving as our campus security and title IX officer. Her goals are to inspire and encourage others while identifying their strengths and opportunities.

Karl's Story

“You can go to college just about anywhere and gain knowledge, but I really wanted the change of heart. In a larger college in this area you can get exposure through internships and different programs, but with WLC I was able to have a one-on-one mentorship through our LEAP program and gain exposure with the Vice President’s office to see what its like on a day to day basis. I was able to strengthen certain skills I didn’t know I had.”