MED 204 - Foundations of Christian Worship

This course offers an examination of personal and corporate expressions of worship. Students will examine biblical and theological foundations of various methods of worship used in the church. The course will provide an overview of the historical and cultural progression of worship and its influence on the church today.

MED 202 - Introduction to Digital Media

This introductory course will present a solid foundation in digital media that will allow the student to take subsequent courses in media production. Students will understand the theory and practice of media communication, visual storytelling techniques, writing and producing across media platforms, and fundamentals of photography. Students will be introduced to a variety of media tools, including Adobe Photoshop and Premier.

MED 203 - Advanced Media Production

Students in this course will focus on advanced video, audio, and music recording and editing techniques and live production, and then build on the principles learned in MED202 by developing more complex skills in Adobe Photoshop, Premier and Digital Audio Workstations. Prerequisite: MED202 or by special permission of the instructor.

MED 205 - Media Practicum

The focus in this class is to further hone your digital media skills in the discipline of your interest: video production, audio/music production, photography, graphic design, or live production. Students will learn basic skills in ProTools and Adobe AfterEffects utilizing the latest Digital Audio Workstations. Students will build on the knowledge gained in MED 202 and MED203 under the supervision of faculty. Prerequisite MED202, MED203

Dave Hummel

Dave Hummel, Creative Director and Composer/Producer, has been on team at Wave Church since 2007. He has over 30 years experience in the music production world, writing music for television and video games, as well as working as a writer/producer for Sony/ATV in Los Angeles, and audio engineering for major labels. At Wave Church, Professor Hummel oversees Live Production, Video Production, and Marketing as well as the Worship and Creative Arts Department. At Wave Leadership College, he oversees the Media & Arts electives.

Amber's Story

“The instructors have time to give to be able to work with you one on one if you need it. They are very approachable and helpful which really fosters that environment where you don’t feel afraid to ask a question or intimidated by what you don’t know instead you feel encouraged to step out and try new things. Even after a year on the production track my mindset has changed”