MIN 205 - Introduction to Church History

This course presents a two-part study in Church history, from the time of the Apostles and the early Church Fathers through the Middle Ages. We’ll explore the early doctrinal debates, and how they along with certain political elements working together led to the rise of the Holy Roman Church, and the Papacy.

In the second part of our exploration into the Church’s vast history, we will transition into the Reformation, which coincided with the enlightenment of western society. This course will conclude with a study of the modern church movements of the 20th century that have so shaped our worship in the Church today.

MIN 201 - Pastoral Ministry

This course is designed to give students practical tools for ordering their personal lives while operating in a ministry setting. Additionally, students will understand the scriptural and theoretical foundations of, and practical methods for performing the many roles required of pastors, such as the oversight and performance of weddings, funerals, counseling, and team development.

MIN 203 - Homiletics

This course covers the art and skill of public speaking, preaching, and teaching. Students learn to apply biblical principles for effective communication, as well as principles governing the construction, organization, and delivery of messages.

MIN 204 - Church Growth & Discipleship

Students are exposed to ministry applications as they pertain to churches/ministries at various stages and size. They learn strategic principles that apply to each stage of church growth, including a church plant, that will help in healthy ministry growth. Attention is also given to personal spiritual health and its importance in leading a church/ministry, as well as discipleship principles that are characteristic of a strong healthy church.

Steve Kelly

Former Hillsong Associate Pastor and Hillsong College Director, Steve Kelly, came to Virginia Beach, VA in 1999 to build a church of influence with a passion to help people live life well. Steve lives to make heaven party by winning people to Christ and developing leaders who can change their world one life at a time. Wave Leadership College students have the distinct opportunity to sit under Pastor Kelly’s instruction in two courses, as part of our Associate of Ministry degree: Homiletics and The Work of the Holy Spirit.

D'Vonte's Story

“I love how it’s more of an intimate college. Instead of me being another number or another statistic, teachers and instructors here actually want to help you walk this journey out. They want to sit down and get to know me instead of going through the motions.”