How do I request information about Wave Leadership College?

To request more information about WLC, please visit our homepage and fill out the form at the bottom. One of our staff will contact you once your request has been received. You can give us a call – our direct phone number is 757-401-6125. If you have a specific question you would like us to answer, you can also fill out the question field below or type in the chat box.

Is Wave Leadership College Accredited?

Yes!  Wave Leadership College is accredited at the Associate of Ministry level with the Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education. The ABHE is a US Department of Education recognized national Bible college accreditation organization. Many ABHE colleges accept WLC transfer credits, and WLC has Articulation agreements which allow for transfer of credits to major Christian universities such as Southeastern University, Regent University, and Liberty University.

What type of degree will I earn at Wave Leadership College?

Wave Leadership College students earn an Associate of Ministry degree, with concentrations in Pastoral Leadership, Professional Leadership, Christian Scholarship, Worship Leadership, Community Care & Counsel, or Media & Arts. Credits earned at WLC are transferrable to major Christian universities like Regent University, Liberty University, and Southeastern University.

What does WLC believe?

To learn more about WLC’s beliefs, visit our Beliefs page

Do I have to be a Christian to attend WLC?

The mission of WLC includes building the local church and equipping Christian leaders to transform their communities for the glory of God. We ask that potential students also feel strongly about this mission and calling in their own lives.

Is housing available?

Wave Leadership College officially has off site housing! We have partnered with Arbor Trace Apartments to provide housing for our out of town students. The apartments are conveniently located just 3 miles away from Wave Church and another 3 miles away from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. If you are a current student or a prospective student and you want to find out more, contact our Dean of Students Chuck Chalfant at

Does WLC accept international students?

Yes! We believe that international students impact and shape the learning experience in and outside of the classroom. WLC is committed to serving international students because we know that having a global community is significant. For more information, please visit our international students page.

What kind of involvement does the school have with its community?

WLC is closely connected to Wave Church, giving students the opportunity to be on the forefront of change within their community by joining their regular outreach programs and events. Just to name a few, WLC students participate in: Wave City Care’s Shine Girl and Man-Power mentorship programs in the local public school system and an annual School Makeover. Students also get to participate in the logistics of running a weekly service under the leadership of Pastor Sharon Kelly, Wave Sisters, specifically for women in the local community.

It is the mission of WLC to equip Christian leaders to build the local church and transform their communities for the glory of God. We believe that the local church is God’s plan for supporting the community. It is our desire that all students participate in supporting their community via their local church.

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Can I still attend my local church if I decide to study at WLC?

Yes! Our mission is to equip Christian leaders to build the local church and transform their communities for the glory of God. Whatever local church you are a part of, we want to help you gain the tools you need to be an effective contributor to that vision under the leadership of your senior pastor.


When are applications due?

Wave Leadership College accepts applications on an ongoing basis. We suggest that get your application in as early as possible to give our Admissions Committee plenty of time to review your submission and give you a decision well before scholarship decisions are made and class registration opens. New incoming students are accepted twice a year, Fall semester (in August) or Spring semester (in January).

Incoming students, who have been accepted, are able to register for classes once registration opens.  We suggest applying for admission as soon as you feel led so that you have the opportunity to pick the schedule you want!  Call or text with any questions: 757-401-6422.

How do I apply?

Click the “apply now” button below and fill out the application form provided. After we receive your initial application, we will need copies of official transcripts from each institution you have attended. The Admissions Committee will conduct a background check and will call your pastoral reference.  To follow up on an application, or for any questions, please call us at 757-401-6422 (call or text).

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Is there an application fee?

Wave Leadership College charges a $35 application fee. Often, there are opportunities to waive your application fee by visiting our campus and meeting with one of our Admissions Counselors. Contact us to schedule your visit!  757-401-6422 (call or text)

How do I get my high school transcript?

Simply contact your school’s guidance office to request an official copy of your transcript. If you are currently in high school, you may request an official “in progress” transcript for the Admissions Committee to consider your application. Please have them send it directly to Wave Leadership College: 1000 N. Great Neck Road Virginia Beach, VA 23454 ATTN: Registrar By email:

How do I schedule a visit before I apply?

We’d love to have you sit in on a class with our students, meet with the registrar and talk out your personal class schedule, and hang with some of your future friends. Click here to schedule a visit.  Or call or text: 757-401-6422.

How long will it take to receive an answer on my admission application?

Wave Leadership College accepts applications on an ongoing basis. The Admissions Committee meets regularly and will review your application as soon as all elements have been received.  To check on the status of an application, or for any questions, call or text: 757-401-6422.

What are the minimum acceptance requirements?

Wave Leadership College requires a high school diploma or GED equivalent in order to be a full-time student. The mission of WLC includes equipping Christian leaders to build the local church and transform their communities for the glory of God. We ask that potential students also feel strongly about this mission and calling in their own lives.


Is attendance required in classes?

Yes. Students are expected to attend and be on time for all classes, and active participation in class meetings is essential to learning. Occasional absences may be necessary due to circumstances beyond the student’s control. Because classes meet only once each week, four absences in a 16-week semester will cause students to miss significant instructional time and will be considered excessive.

How often do classes meet?

Each Wave Leadership College class meets one day a week. Our convenient schedule allows most students to take one day a week off of school and provides enough options and flexibility to work around a part-time job.

Do I need a computer?

You will need access to your Wave Leadership College email address and will need to submit assignments to your professors via Word Doc. If you don’t have your own computer, Wave Leadership College conveniently allows access to PC’s in the library and Mac Computers in the Computer Lab. Students are also able to use the library printer with their student ID number.

What is the class experience like?

Wave Leadership College offers you the opportunity to earn your Associate in Ministry degree under the influence of caring professors and a supportive staff. Your Biblical and theological studies, general education classes, and professional development electives are all presented with a Biblical perspective and in classes with an average student-faculty ratio of 11:1. All of our classes are taught in a face to face environment. Each class is offered one day a week in a 2 ½ hour time period.

How do I access the most recent class schedule?

To view our most current course schedule click below.
View Current Course Schedule

How do I access the Academic Calendar?

To access our most current Academic Calendar click below.
Academic Calendar

What is LEAP?

Leadership Experience and Practicum (LEAP) is basically an internship in your church! We believe practical experience gives students the ability to practice the principles they learn within the classroom. Students are assigned to a department within Wave Church (or their own home church, if it is in the Hampton Roads area) to gain practical leadership experience in a variety of ministry and management areas. Students take 4 LEAP courses within the structure of WLC’s Associate of Ministry degree, depending on their interest. This real life experience is useful to add to your resume!  LEAP students also have the distinct opportunity to serve as the base foundation of one conference per semester.  If you’ve been to Devoted or Wave Conference, you’ve seen our students in full force – paving the way as servant leaders.  Each LEAP class is one credit toward the Associate of Ministry degree.

How do I find the Course Descriptions?

To view course descriptions, visit any one of the Professional Development Electives found on the Academics page. Once there, click the arrow to read more about featured courses.

How much homework should I expect?

College courses require intentional time set aside for reading, studying, and working on assignments. Your instructor will provide you with a syllabus at the start of each semester’s class. This syllabus will be your map of assignments and reading due throughout the semester. You should plan to devote a minimum of 3 hours per week, outside of class time, to each individual class you are taking.


Can I transfer credits from another school?

Transfer credits from other institutions may be accepted with the following conditions and stipulations:

The student must have earned a grade of a C or higher in the courses to be transferred
Credits must have been earned within ten calendar years prior to the semester for which the application is made
Transfer courses must be undertaken at an accredited institution (regional or recognized national accreditation)
Transfer courses of Biblical or Theological nature must be undertaken at an institution that upholds a statement of faith similar to WLC.
Student must submit an official transcript from each institution

Can I transfer AP, IB classes or CLEP credits?

Wave Leadership College is happy to accept earned college credit through AP, IB classes or CLEP testing. All potential credits are evaluated by the office of our Academic Dean before they are accepted as transfer credit. We encourage you to contact that office even before you apply!

Email Academic Dean

Can I transfer in international credits earned?

Yes! All transcripts that are not from an American institution must be evaluated. A course-by-course evaluation is required and the transcript must be converted to the American Grade Point Average system and English Language. For more information, please visit our international student page.

What kind of degree do you get from the program? Where can it take me? Can I only become a pastor with my degree?

Wave Leadership College offers an Associate of Ministry Degree. The experience you gain in the program can take you anywhere, not just ministry. The associate degree we offer covers basic leadership in all aspects of life. Students have gone into full time ministry after graduating but have also taken the degree into the professional business and the production world. Every Christian is a leader. Every Christian has a calling. Whether your calling is to full-time church ministry, the nonprofit charitable sector, or entrepreneurship, the fulfillment of your calling depends on the level of your equipping. Many of our students take their WLC degree and transfer to a four-year college to complete their bachelor’s degree.

Does WLC offer concurrent enrollment for high school students? If so what would that look like?

High school students, start your college story by taking one of our afternoon classes at Wave Leadership College! High school students receive a 60% discount off WLC’s regular tuition: Only $200 per 3-credit course. Apply today!

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Tuition and Financial Aid

How much is tuition?

Tired of seeing how expensive college is? Wondering how you could ever pay for it without borrowing so much money that won’t be paid off until you’re a grandparent? Wave Leadership College understands and is dedicated to providing our students with a great education at a reasonable price. Wave Leadership College tuition and fees are in the same price range as in-state community colleges. Not only can you afford to attend Wave Leadership College, with our prices, you can’t afford not to.  Current tuition at Wave Leadership College is $210 per credit hour, plus semester fees, if you are a full time student.
Learn More

Will I be able to pay for tuition in installments?

Yes. We offer the option to make payments in four separate installments each semester.  The fee to enter our payment plan is $50 per semester.  Payments are due as follows:

First day of class: 25% of tuition plus all fees
5th week: 25% of tuition
10th week: 25% of tuition
15th week: final payment

We strongly encourage all students to contact the Wave Leadership College Financial Aid office to see if they are eligible for tuition assistance. If you haven’t already submitted your FAFSA, it is important to do so right away.

Whom should I contact for information about Financial Aid?

Wave Leadership College’s financial director is Amy Steffel. You can contact her directly with any financial aid questions, even before you apply! If you haven’t already submitted your FAFSA, it is important to do so right away. We strongly encourage all students to contact the Wave Leadership College Financial Aid office to see if they are eligible for tuition assistance.

What type of scholarships does Wave Leadership College offer?

We keep our tuition costs low so that all students seeking ministry and leadership training will experience what it feels like to be on scholarship.
To learn about some additional scholarship opportunities WLC offers visit our Scholarships page.

What is WLC’s school FASFA code?

WLC’s institution code is 042415. If you haven’t already submitted your FAFSA, it is important to do so right away. We strongly encourage all students to contact Amy Steffel, in the Wave Leadership College Financial Aid office, to see if they are eligible for tuition assistance.

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