A Letter From Derek Holser

Wave Leadership College exists to prepare Christian pastors and leaders to serve the Lord with gladness and build the local church. Our mission is to equip our graduates with the knowledge, passion, and skill necessary to be mature Christian leaders, whether they end up as full-time pastors or in any number of worthy professional endeavors. Too often, students attend college and gain knowledge without application. They learn facts and figures without developing practical leadership experience. At WLC, our students are leading while learning, implementing classroom instruction to real world service every week, every semester.

Every year, through their church and community service, our students contribute over 12,000 hours (and quickly rising) of volunteer leadership. This experience not only equips them for the future, it enables many people to experience the love of Christ through student service. Your contribution to WLC, a 501(c)(3) organization helps to ensure that our students will continue to gain exceptional experience and education without the extraordinary price most colleges now charge. Please give today to WLC – your investment in Christian leaders is one of the best decisions you can make for the future, for God’s work in building the local church and reaching those in need with the love of Christ.


Derek Holser

Vice Chairman

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Consider donating to Wave Leadership College. Every donation helps the next generation follow God’s call while obtaining an affordable Christian education.


As an alumnus of Wave Leadership College, you know that the path from Day One to Graduation Day is an arduous, exciting, intense and fulfilling journey. Though you are missed at WLC, you continue to be a part of the family of students who followed God’s call to WLC and beyond. Now, you have an opportunity to be a part of helping the next generation of WLC students follow God’s call. The 50FOR1 campaign is an opportunity for 50 alumni to pledge $10 a month for one year, which will fund the first ever WLC Alumni Scholarship. The 50FOR1 campaign, when fully realized, will enable one male and one female student to attend WLC with a 50% scholarship. This scholarship will be given on a needs-basis, as determined by the Alumni council. Thank you for your generous support!